Who We Are?

Centarix was founded with the purpose of developing longevity-technologies to extend human health span and maximize quality of life

Our Mission

To maximize human healthspan through science and technology

The Science

Aging is the ultimate challenge for modern medicine. The aging process has a devastating effect on human life quality, and eventually leads to the onset of age-related diseases which are the main killers in developed countries. In recent years, major breakthroughs in the science of aging have shown that it is possible to intervene in multiple ways with the aging process to slow it down and even reverse some of its aspects. Such interventions were shown to significantly increase healthspan and lifespan in animal models.

Our strategy is two-fold:

Biomarkers of aging

"Know your enemy" - in order to evaluate the success of potential interventions for the aging process in reasonable time frames, good biomarkers of aging are needed in order to accurately and reliably measure biological age. Such biomarkers have been shown to predict mortality and morbidity. At Centarix we are developing the ability to evaluate a wide panel of molecular and cellular biomarkers of aging, and new technologies to increase the accuracy and lower the cost of measuring biomarkers of aging.

Rejuvenation therapies

Our research and development team is focusing on developing groundbreaking technology to rejuvenate cells and tissues by targeting promising molecular hallmarks of aging, with an emphasis on epigenetic rejuvenation.


Shimon Meshi

CEO and Chairman

Itzhak Dershowitz


Noam Maoz, PhD